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7Ø7E he,s a disc jockey that rides on the vinyls since the year 1995. In the year 2001 he and some friends decide to get light from a streetlight thus starting the “farola sound” movement. From there and for almost a decade he and his friends dedicate themselves to carrying out “raves” at various points in their community.

In 2003 he inaugurated a radio program called “farola show” in Radio Villalba. After passing trough some clubs in his community and on the coast in 2014, he moved to Latin America where the artist joined forces with the production company “The Home of the Cat” and held various events in the capital of Perú, Lima.

In the year 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, the artist made a documentary that tells part of the history of techno in Madrid “la historia del techno en Madrid by farola sound”. Today he is dedicated to holding events “Faro 314”



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